What to do when a tooth moves and it becomes loose?

One of the worst nightmares is the loss of a tooth, as adult teeth must last for life after having lost baby teeth, which is becoming increasingly difficult and actually costs a lot. One of a dentist’s missions, a tooth lasts for a lifetime, but because the work we need to endure our teeth every day, it is quite difficult. Fortunately, it is always possible to maintain a tooth, for example endodontic treatments, for as long as possible.

An adult tooth may loosen and move, even with daily brushing or regular dental checkups. Slowly or suddenly, this can happen. It is usually a sign of certain dental problems when a tooth moves and it is advisable to visit the dentist as soon as possible. The worst result is, if you don’t, losing your tooth and perhaps some other teeth in the worst case with it.

In this article, we will discuss what can be done if a tooth is loose.

What causes a dumbness to move?

When a dent moves, and the treatment needed will depend on the cause, there are many different causes. The dental root that needs dental surgery to put it back into place may have dislodged the tooth if you have suffered a fall.

On the other hand, a loud teeth can be a sign of a greater problem like progressive gum disease without a sudden drop or a hit. Especially for loose teeth, which at the same time have a poor mouth taste, pain or persistent poor respiration.

How long is it necessary to cure a loose tooth?

In any event, you should not wait until the tooth stops moving and it’s main to go to the dentist at the earliest opportunity. In IdiĆ”quez Dental Polyclinics, if you have a moving tooth, it can give you the best treatment and check the causes of tooth movement.

You may need some of the treatments:

  • Dental splint: the denture splint will heal the ligaments for a couple of weeks, the loose tooth will become stronger. It may take a few weeks before the teeth are cured completely.
  • Using a splint for dentistry night: This mouth guard or splint is designed to be used to slept and grind your teeth. The teeth, the gums and the mouth are put under great pressure by people, who mow their teeth at night. You can see improvements within a few weeks by wearing a night splint.


-Treating Gum disease: The most important thing is to seek treatment as soon as possible if the cause of the loose tooth is gum diseasing. It is a serious condition requiring more therapeutic intensity as the removal of infected tissue and bacteria from the gums, mouths and teeth will require a thorough purification.

Prevent loss of tooth and relaxation

One of the first steps to prevent tooth loss and loosening is good daily hygiene and try to brush with flossing twice per day. Regular checks and cleanings can also prevent the loosening of the tooth. A good idea is to wear a protective shield if you practice sports like soccer or basketball regularly.

It is also important to remember that individuals with bone diseases such as osteoporosis and other diseases such as diabetes are more susceptible to tooth loss problems.

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