How to plan your Honeymoon in Maldives

How to plan your Honeymoon in Maldives

The Maldives is a surrounding island archipelago of over 1000 islands. A tropical paradise of powdery white sandy beaches, stunning coral reefs and resorts with sea villas and starfish. The place is therefore a place of great pleasure for honeymooners seeking a vacation. In this article, you’re able to read how to plan your Maldive Sunrise as the perfect start to your new life with the one you love.

1.Select the perfect time to plan the honeymoon on your Maldives

If you both choose to visit the islands on the Maldives as a perfect destination for your honeymoon, choose the time of the year. In tropical terms, the archipelago is happily sunny throughout the year and you can expect to walk along the sandy shore in sunny skies at any time of year. The islands are wet and dry for just two seasons. Between May and October, moonsoonal rains bring southern showers and choppy seas. However, it rarely rains throughout the wet season, and you are looking for a budget honeymoon and find that during this season hotel rates are much lower. The rain is at its highest from June to July. And it is ideal for scuba divers to watch all the activity under the waves. Betwo hot weathers of golden sunshine, blue skies and a variety of tourist activities are promising between November and April.


2. Select your best honeymoon resort in Maldives

The more than 1000 Maldives are uninhabited, with most of them occupied by private resorts. Because most resorts are spread across their own private island, some are glad to cater for couples who are looking for a time out of the world. One of Maldives’ most romantic beach resorts will offer you all the magnificence of the rainforest. Popular choices, such as Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives, range from water bungalows to colorful gardens and villas for pairs of people to their remote setting. Many resorts will gladly take care of honeymoons and have a number of special delights to offer. For your time there you can even decide on a route. Choose your activities and plan them with your resort in Maldives as a package deal.

3.Plan to have fun collectively Loads

your honeymoon on the Maldives will be one of utter bliss and you will be cuddled in a shady palm tree on this hammock. But make sure you also recapture a lifetime of memories. On the Maldives you experience the exotic and enjoy magic. Go on and take a look at the attractions. A hopping tour to the islands of your resorts atoll can be scheduled. See how the islanders live and visit the local islands. Take a picnic, swim or snorkel in hidden bays, and walk through the exuberant jungles with your hand. Then there are those enjoyable sunset-dhoni trips into the folds of the Indian Ocean; the dhonis are traditional wooden craft and you can book your excursion by making it a sunset-crossing champagne where you can relax under the sun setting, sliding silently over the blue ocean.

Book a snorkeling or scuba diving tour if you prefer both an adventure spot. Explore the green reefs and discover some of the more than 500 marine life species thriving in the island waters. If you can’t dive, consider collecting your PADI diving certificate and you will enjoy your whole marriage experience.

4.Plan to relax and rejuvenate following the hectic wedding planning process


Planing a marriage can be stressful, and choosing a place such as the Maldives is the perfect elixir for relaxing minds and minds. The Maldives is famous for their resort therapies where several therapies for couples provide the perfect response for holistic treatments. You both have plenty of opportunities to do so on your honeymoon. Reserve time at your resort spa, and even attend the stress relieving yoga lessons conducted by qualified yogis at the soft sandy beaches that know how to get to the relaxing holiday mode to enjoy your happiest tropical honeymoon!

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