Eco-friendy cookware

Eco-Friendly Cookware

Just as important as eating healthy food is living in a healthy environment. To make sure that our children and grandchildren can “breathe” and live on a healthy planet, we need to change the way we live and use ecol-friendly products whenever we can. Choosing “green” cookware is a good step in the right direction, but how can we tell if a piece of cookware is good for the environment or not? Let’s find out.


What’s Eco-friendly Cookware?


Eco friendly cooking equipment The best pots and pans don’t hurt the environment in any way, from getting the raw materials to using them to throwing them away. Traditional metal or ceramic cookware doesn’t really fit the definition of “Eco-friendly.” Why?


The mining of metal ores, the huge amount of deforestation they cause, their extraction and processing, and the making of cookware from them all create poisonous solid, liquid, and gaseous waste that is thrown away without much thought. into waterways and land, making the land unusable for farming and the water dangerous to drink. To make the cookware look nice, chemicals and metal oxides are used in the colors, glazes, and enamels. This makes things worse.


Another thing that gets overlooked is that the energy used at each stage comes from non-renewable sources, which means that limited resources are being used up more and more. Even after you are done using the cookware, it takes a very long time to break down in a landfill.


Now think about this: there are 7 billion of us, and we all need to cook and eat. Using Eco-friendly cookware is a clear way to make a big difference in the health of the planet. Let’s see what the other choice is:


Clay that is 100% pure and made from the earth is a natural material that has been used for a long time and is good for both people and the planet. Here are some ways this natural material can help save the world:


Raw Materials That 100%  Eco-friendly:

The raw ingredient, pure clay, is extracted without harming the environment from the earth’s crust. No toxic waste is produced, and neither the Eco-balance nor the wildlife is disturbed, during the extraction of the raw material.


100% Eco-friendly Pans & Pots While in Use:

Thanks to far-infrared heat cooking, food cooks more quickly and with less heat when cooked in pure clay pots and pans. Additionally, there is no need to often reheat the food because it keeps warm in a pure clay pot for 3–4 hours. This significantly reduces the amount of energy used by a single home.


100% Eco-friendly in Maintenance & Cleaning:

Usually, you have to use toxic soaps or detergents to clean cooking pots, which then pollutes our oceans. But you don’t have to do that with pure clay pots. If you need to, you can sprinkle some baking soda on your hands and then wash your hands with clean water. The environment will be better off if your household’s wastewater has less toxic soaps in it.


When Disposed, 100% Eco-friendly:

At the end of their useful lives, which can last for decades, pure clay pots break down and go back to the earth where they came from.


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